Getting Started

Please go to the Contact page and let me know what type of headshots you are interested in.  What will you use the headshot for?   Do you want something traditional or something a little more unique to set you apart from the crowd?   Indoor or environmental background?   Are there requirements or company guidelines for the headshot?  How many images do you need?


Also let me know if a couple of dates that would work for you.  Outdoor photo sessions work best in the early morning or late in the day when the light is the best.  Indoor photos can be taken any time of the day.


Once I receive your inquiry I will contact you to go over pricing and available dates.  



‚ÄčAll photo sessions will take place at my studio in San Jose, California.   Let me know if you are interested in indoor or outdoor photos.


Preparing For Your Session

Bring accessories like jackets, scarfs, sweaters and glasses that can be switched out quickly and easily and give you a variety of looks.   

Still unsure what to wear?  See the Headshot Style Guide  for suggestions.


During The Session

Everything (lighting, backdrops, etc) will be set up for you when you arrive.   We’ll do a quick wardrobe check and you will have time to do any touch-ups.   The just relax, I will guide you through the photo shoot, so don’t worry about posing.


After The Session

I will do a “standard” level of retouching on the images –  lightening lines, removing blemishes, etc.   You can expect your online gallery to be ready within 1-2 days. You will be able to purchase and download high-resolution digital files directly from your online gallery.


Schedule Your Headshot Session