You want to choose clothes that complement you. The clothing should fit perfectly and be freshly pressed.


For a traditional business look, classic dark suits are a great choice. To choose a well-pairing tie, aim to wear a shade that falls between the color of the suit and shirt underneath. A v-neck undershirt underneath is optional.


For a business casual look, skip the jacket and opt for a colored dress shirt or blouse that, ideally, is darker than your skin tone. In both cases, aim for small simple jewelry.


If you can’t decide what to wear, bring options to the session. 


When deciding on what outfits to bring…

  • Stay away from busy patterns, bright colors and words with text
  • Avoid clothing with grid-like squares or minuscule herringbone patterns
  • Avoid shiny and reflective articles of clothing.
  • Best to avoid all-white dress shirts or blouses if you are not wearing a jacket or sweater over it. White shirts often cause a loss of detail and depth in a person and easily washes them out.
  • Jewelry tends to be a tricky element, but the key component is to make sure it not distracting.
  • Take care that the outfit does not bunch when you sit down or have it buttoned.​ 


Other Considerations….

Hair:  Should be timeless and classic. Style your hair before arriving for your session. 


Nails: Your hands may be showing in many of your photos so make sure that they are groomed. Ladies try to stick with a neutral paint color!


Shaving: I know it may be obvious but ladies be sure to shave your legs or underarms if they will be shown in photos! Guys, make sure you are cleanly shaved!


Glasses: If you normally wear glasses but own contact lenses, please try to wear your lenses for the shoot. Studio light can cause an unwanted glare on lenses that is very hard to removed. If this is not an option, then I will do my best to avoid glare but cannot guarantee it.


Scars/Birth Marks/Blemishes: Scars, birth marks and blemishes can be removed only at your request. Please tell me at the time of your session what your preference is.  If extensive retouching is necessary, it will not be done on proofs, but will be done on the final images that you order.






Touch up supplies for your hair and makeup (hair brush, hair spray, lipstick, etc)


Accessories (scarf, jewelry, glasses, etc)


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