Getting Started

Please go to the Contact page and let me know about your pet(s), and what you would like me to capture during the photo session.  Is this for pets only or people and pets?  Also let me know if a couple of dates that would work for you.   Most photo sessions are held early in the morning or late in the day when the light is the best.     



‚ÄčAll photo sessions will take place at my studio in San Jose, California.  My studio is the perfect location to photograph your pet.  The dog park style yard is totally enclosed, with none of the other distractions you typically find at a public park.   Most of my pet sessions are done outside, but you can choose to do your session indoors for a more polished look., or a combination of both indoor and outdoor.


Preparing For Your Session

Bathe and brush your pet.  
If you have high energy dogs, walk them prior to the session so that they are more relaxed.
If your dog is toy / treat motivated, bring those to the session if you think that it will help with getting their attention.
If you have any props you would like in the photos (favorite toys, collar, etc), please bring those along as well.
Please bring your dog on a leash. 


During The Session

I will be ready for you and your pets!  There is always fresh water available for pets and their people.
Once you arrive we can let your pooch wander around the yard to get acquainted with her surroundings before we begin.


After The Session

Expect your online gallery to be ready within 5-7 days.  Wall art and other photo products can be purchased separately.


Schedule Your Pet Portrait Session